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Q: How does the matching process work?

A: This service is intended to help you find a pre-screened contractor for your job in your area.  We have dozens of contractors ready to serve you and the service is absolutely free.
Using JRC is easy.

-Start by filling out the form describing your needs. Make sure you fill in a correct e-mail address and other contact information you want the contractor to use to contact you.  This information will not be sold to third parties.

-Tell us about your home improvement, remodeling or maintenance details.

-Once completed, we will send you the pre-screened contractors that are best for your project. We may call you to ask a few more questions about your home improvement project and to clarify your needs.

-You will also be able to manage your entire project online from your personalized control panel.

-Up to 3 of our member contractors will contact you to schedule a free estimate on your project.

-You choose the contractor that meets your project needs and budget, and have the work done.

-You have the option to rate the contractor after the job and to write down your comments. This information is not mandatory but very beneficial for future users and we highly encourage you  to use this feature.

Q: How many bids will I get? 

A: You will receive up to 3 bids for the job. You can meet with as few or as many of the contractors as you want.  If you are not happy with the results, you can always send another invitation without having to enter the information again.

Q: Will it cost me more to hire a JRC contractor? 

A: Absolutely not! Estimates from JRCcontractors are always free.  Our contractors donít charge you extra because we donít take a percentage of the project like a general contractor or the big warehouse hardware stores.  JRC will make it easy to get competitive bids from several contractors, and then pick the one that best fits your needs.

Q: So, how does JRC make money then?

A: Contractors pay JRC modest screening and membership fees to be part of our organization. For the contractor, itís another form of advertising.

Q:  How do you choose the contractors for my project?

A:  JRC works with local contractors covering most home improvement and remodeling trades. We personally screen each of our contractors and the type of work they do, so we can be sure to match you with the best professional for your project.


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