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Why is it Free?

The benefits for the homeowner.

We at JustRightContractors prescreen our contractors through background checks and by confirming all state required licensing, then we find the best contractors in your area for the specific job you need done. The contractor pay a small flat fee to us for the lead.

We do all the research for you and we do it all at no cost to you.

The benefits for the contractor.

Justrightcontractors  provides a networking service for  contractors to find matches to homeowners and small business owners who require services in their area of experience. This in turn could save hours and advertising dollars for the contractor by allowing us to find  the best contractor/homeowner match for the job.

Justrightcontractors will send out only three leads to the customer in order to make decisions easier and to prevent bidding wars. Everything is done on the computer through the website to make it as easy and user friendly as possible.

Justrightcontractors charges only a minimal $35.00 flat fee to the contractor for each lead. 

At the end of the day everybody wins with Justrightcontractors!

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